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Position: First Grade Teacher
First Name: Lauren
Last Name: Hamilton


Dear DINO-mite Rockstars and Families,


Welcome to First Grade! I am so excited that your child has been selected to be part of our classroom and ROAR into the year together!  We are going to have a DINO-mite year!! I understand that the beginning of the school year may bring feelings of anxiety and anticipation for both you and your child, especially at this time. I want each of you to know that I will do everything in my power to give your child a SAFE, fun, inviting, and successful school year. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself!


My name is Lauren Hamilton (but you can call me Mrs. G.).  I am thrilled to begin my 10th year of teaching  at the EEC! My goal for the year is to actively engage your child in meaningful hands-on activities while guiding them to find their love for learning and discovery. It is my goal for my students to take ownership within the classroom and their learning. I believe that the early years of a child's school experience often sets the tone that children will have towards school, and it is my hope that by being a member of our classroom family-your child will LOVE coming to school, LOVE learning, and LOVE expanding their thinking!!!


I hold a master’s degree in the Art of Teaching from Texas Woman’s University and am certified to teach Early Childhood – 6th, with an ESL supplemental certification. I come from a large family consisting of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. The majority of my family lives very close to me and are a huge part of my world. I live in Pilot Point with my little family. I am a mommy to a joyful 3 year old boy named Benson!!  I have loved being a mommy and look forward to the many adventures that continue to come. In my spare time (which is almost nonexistent at this time due to having a toddler as many of you know), I enjoy being with my family, working out (or at least thinking about it right now), spending time outside, kayaking, hiking, going on adventures of any sort, and simply enjoying life as a mommy and wife- with my family!


I will be ROARING into the year wearing an eye patch over my right eye. In the near future, I should be able to remove my eye patch and feel whole again!!! Until then, I will be wearing my DINO-mite patch!!! 


I feel truly blessed to be doing what I love! I cannot wait to build a great relationship with each of my students and all of you. I could not be more excited to begin to build our classroom family!!! 


It is important for me to tell you all that the classroom is not mine but OURS. Each student in OUR classroom is an important member of our school family. I look forward to helping guide your child to discovering and learning new things this year in our FIRST GRADE CLASSROOM DINO-MITE FAMILY!


Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time – communication and a strong relationship is vital to your child’s success!




Lauren Hamilton                                  

482-6000 ext. 4245